Gecko Condo's First Hatch

Last night I was feeding the geckos and thought "Wouldn't it be cool if there were baby geckos in here?"  Shortly after that thought, while changing the food in Green Man and Belite's partition, I saw two big gecko hatchlin eyes staring at me from next to the roach dish.  It took me a few seconds to realize what I was seeing, and one of the eggs Belite buried in her section of Gecko Condo had hatched! Blintz had arrived!

A First Look at the Inhabitants of Gecko Condo

I just realized I have not yet posted pictures of the geckos in Gecko Condo!   Things have been going very well in the condo so far. Some of the pothos I planted in the wall have been dying because they don't get enough water from the misting system, but that is ok. The geckos still love to sleep on them. A few slugs have appeared in the vivarium but that just means everything is going along smoothly. Here are some pics of the inhabitants. Sorry that some of them are not the best quality as I took all of these with my phone.

Microfauna for Vivariums like Gecko Condo

In order to keep a vivarium clean and healthy a lot of people add microfauna to create a cycle. Microfauna are secondary animals, usually insects, that are added to vivarium primarily to serve as janitors. They tend to be quite small. The herp defecates, microfauna eat it and turn it into fertilizer for the plants, plants eat what the microfauna produce and stay healthy which in turn helps keep the humidity up for everyone. If you are working with very small herps the microfauna may even be able to serve as a supplementary food source for them or their offspring.

Substrate and Planting for Gecko Condo

Gecko condo is planted!  Read and see how the substrate is set up for Gecko Condo, a list of the plants used, and a video of the misting system in action.

Creating Naturalistic Backgrounds with Great Stuff Foam

Over the weekend I made 10 naturalistic backgrounds for gecko condo. I do not know of anyone else who made their backgrounds on removable pieces of plastic like I have, but Gecko Condo is all about options and I want to be able to change things around as I need to over the years. Most people just make their backgrounds directly into their tanks, which is fine, but not what I wanted for this.

My main tools/consumables for this portion are:

Waterworks for Gecko Condo

The plastic for the naturalistic backgrounds was ready yesterday and it has been picked up. I also recently placed the order for the misting system from mistking.com. I spoke with the owner, Marty, who is well known in the poison dart frog community about the setup. It turned out to be a little more complicated than I thought but not by much. He also suggested adding a drain to each of the 3 sections which I felt was a good idea, so I will pick up a 1.5" hole saw and add those.

Continuing to work with Acrylic for Gecko Condo

Back from a holiday visit to Wisconsin! With the basic frames of the tank together it was time to move on to the next step, adding in the plastic bits that will serve both as stabilizers for the main walls and as guides for the removable partitions and the tops of the tanks.  The first thing I need to do is measure out the proper spacing for the partition guides and then tape them into place. I used a 1/4" thick piece of MDF to keep the spacing between the guides accurate and to make things easier on me.

Building Acrylic Tanks for Gecko Condo

Yesterday I put together the external portion of the first level of the condo. I took much longer breaks than I needed to so things could cure. I am going to try and get a second one done tonight so will be giving it less time to rest between joins.

My main tools in this are:

Construction Begins on Gecko Condo

After some re-work of the initial design of Gecko Condo and consulting with various people online I ended up changing the design some from the first post on gecko condo. The main changes are that I will be going with steel to use as the primary supports rather than acrylic, and that I will be adding a storage cabinet to the bottom to contain the misting system and supplies.  Here is an exploded view of the new support system:

The Beginning of Gecko Condo

In the 14 years that I have been keeping and working with reptiles I have accumulated quite the mish-mash of cages and other housing   What I really want to do is reduce some clutter and build an atheistically pleasing housing that can be broken down into separate parts, has some ability to change its capacity, is easy to clean, can hold its humidity fairly well, and can hold multiple animals at once. Systems like this exist to be purchased but are crazy expensive. See these two samples:

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